Hololens is an augmented reality wearable device developed by Microsoft. The device enables a "holographic" experience of games, applications, rendering software, and other programs.

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  • Microsoft demos how HoloLens will run Windows 10 apps

    At its Build conference in California today, Microsoft provided some new details on its HoloLens virtual reality device it announced back in January. When the device was introduced, it wasn't clear to what degree it would integrate with Windows 10. Now we know; the Windows Holographic ...

  • Head-on with Microsoft's super fun HoloLens

    “There are no recording devices allowed during the demo.” While Microsoft was happy to show off what the finished HoloLens would look like during its Windows 10 event keynote, it was less inclined to let journalists take photos, shoot video or even record audio of the demos ...

  • Microsoft unveils Windows Holographic, HoloLens wearable

    At Microsoft's Windows 10 event, the company unveiled a new VR experience for the platform, calling it the "next step" of computing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aThCr0PsyuA Windows Holographic is a headset you wear that makes holograms appear in real life; so it's more of an ...

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