Airbnb launches tool to help event planners find their guests somewhere to stay

Airbnb launches tool to help event planners find their guests somewhere to stay

It’s official: we’re entering conference season. Those lucky enough to be sent by their employers to some exotic clime for a few days of networking know how hard it can be to find somewhere to stay. Hotels sell out quickly. The ones that don’t are usually pretty sketchy, and charge guests several times the usual going rate.

Airbnb is usually a decent option, and now the company is making it easier for event planners to help their guests find somewhere to stay.

The tool, called Airbnb for Events, lets anyone organizing an event create their own personalized landing page on This lets delegates find somewhere nearby to stay, and helps organizers market their conference or event.

Airbnb is also using the technology at the core of Airbnb for Events in other contexts: like ticketing services, city guides, and more. This is already baked into a handful of services: namely Insider, Inspirock, Picatic, RSVPify, Taquilla, and WeddingWire.

So, with WeddingWire, if you get an invitation for someone’s nuptuals, you’ll also see affordable places to stay. And with Inspirock, if you find a landmark somewhere you want to visit, you’ll see nearby apartments and homes you can rent.

The conference market is massive, and it makes sense that given many cities struggle to accommodate the vast number of guests some events attract, Airbnb would try and angle its offering accordingly. You can check out Airbnb for Events here.

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