iPhones are being turned into fidget spinners, for some reason

iPhones are being turned into fidget spinners, for some reason
Credit: EverythingApplePro/YouTube

We’ve seen perfectly good iPhones crushed under presses and cut open with searing hot knives. Apparently the latest in wasteful schadenfreude on harmless phones is to turn them into fidget spinners.

A YouTuber called EverythingApplePro took a drill to the iPhone 7 to insert the bearing which gives the fidget spinner its characteristic spin. The rectangular phone has none of the aerodynamics of the classic propeller-like toy, so it’s a wonder it manages to spin at all.

I thought at first that the defiler in question was using broken iPhones, but nope — according the him, they’re all working. Another YouTuber did the same thing a few weeks ago, but at least he had the good grace to use a broken iPhone 5S.

In case you’ve been lucky enough to miss it, fidget spinners are all the rage at the moment. These little bits of plastic and bearing are supposed to help children with ADHD and anxiety focus, despite the fact that there’s very little evidence to support that claim. At best, they’re a harmless form of hypnotic entertainment. At worst, they’re a whirring annoyance.

Watching someone punch a massive hole through a perfectly good iPhone is more likely to give me anxiety than relieve it.

YouTubers are drilling holes in iPhones to turn them into $5 fidget spinners on Business Insider

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