Musk’s SpaceX will likely launch first crewed flight near May 7

Musk’s SpaceX will likely launch first crewed flight near May 7

Elon Musk‘s SpaceX has made major headway towards making space travel more accessible and efficient thanks to reusable rockets, but until now its focus has been on uncrewed flights. Then last month, Musk said the company was planning for a launch sometime in Q2 of the year; i.e., between April and June. Now we have our clearest indication of when that date may be.

According to Eric Berger of Ars Technica, the current working date for the SpaceX Demo-2 launch is May 7.

He cautions the launch date is “fluid” and may be moved up to late April or pushed later into May, and that a final decision has not been made on the duration either. Still, it’s good to see SpaceX appears to still be on track to keep up with Musk’s claims.

Berger clarifies that SpaceX does not know the duration of the mission yet because NASA wants to minimize the time of three ISS crew members and there are plenty of moving parts. But after the successful uncrewed test of Crew Dragon capsule’s in-flight launch escape capabilities, things are looking good.

In any case, it seems like it seems it won’t be very long until SpaceX sees its first crewed flight – one to possibly go down in the history books. To whet your appetite until then; Elon Musk had previously tweeted a video of a simulation of what that first mission might look like:

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