Digg CEO Matt Williams: 23 million uniques, and a few old features return

Digg CEO Matt Williams: 23 million uniques, and a few old features return

In a rather transparent blog post, new Digg CEO Matt Williams has turned out some interesting points. First off, he opens by saying what we all knew, that the v4 launch “didn’t go smoothly“. Williams ends that point by stating that Digg hears its users “loud and clear”.

How clear, you might ask? Clear enough, it seems, to clear up some problems that have been bugging the site’s users since the v4 launch. First, he speaks of the return of the “Upcoming” section, which we talked about being quite important. Also there are some tweaks that have been done to the pagination to make the site run better than it had.

The important changes, however, are glimpses of the past:

In the next few weeks we’ll bring back the bury button, restore all user profiles (including comment and submission history), add filters and navigation for videos and images, provide a tool for users to report comment violations, and update the Top News algorithm and overall site design based upon your feedback.

Oh, and for those singing the death of Digg? Williams would like to let you know that there were 23 million unique visitors in August. Perhaps we’ve all underestimated the power of Williams and Digg combined?

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