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This article was published on August 25, 2010

The New Digg Has (Mostly) Launched

The New Digg Has (Mostly) Launched

The big day is finally here, the new Digg has launched. If you had not managed to get into the beta (and how is that possible, we were giving away invites like candy), you can now go ahead and get started. Go to and you should see the new site live, right before your very eyes.

What should you do first? Follow TNW of course! After that, peruse through the suggested user list and find some great people to follow. That is what the new Digg is all about, following sources to get the best news to be had.

Take a look at your following/follower count, this is what you have left over from the old Digg. Your old fans and friends have been converted to this format to make it simpler to understand where your “My News” feed gets its genesis. Speaking of which, look at that My News section, do you like what you see? If not, you need to follow some different people right away.

What next? Go exploring! This is the first real day of the the rest of your Digg, so get your feet wet and have some fun. Don’t forget, the old submit is the new Digg, so be careful what you click on, everyone that follows you just might see it.

One last tip, if you just want to see the Digg that you are accustomed to, click on “Top News,” that will take you to your familiar home. Now go get playing! If you end up very, very lost and need help, read this to catch up.

Just for fun, when Digg was in the process of launching the new site, they tossed up this image to celebrate the move over: