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Ford invests $1B to go all-electric by 2030 in Europe

The cards are down

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It’s not just Jaguar Land Rover that is making waves by committing to an electrified future. American automaker Ford has also laid its cards down, and it’s going all-in on an all-electric future, for Europe at least.

The Blue Oval has said in a statement today that it will only sell EVs in Europe by 2030.

By 2026 the company is aiming for all of its passenger vehicles to be capable of zero emission in driving. They’ll be either all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Ford is laying out similar plans for its commercial vehicles, with aspirations for its range to be fully capable of zero emission driving by 2024.

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In an attempt to make its goals a reality, the company is putting $1 billion into a modernizing its electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Cologne, Germany. The first vehicles are expected to roll off its production line in 2023.

According to Automotive News Europe, Ford will take advantage of its strategic relationship with German automaker VW to utilize its MEB platform that underpins the likes of the ID.3 and ID.4. However, Ford has previously told Automotive News that its vehicles will be very different from VWs. But we’ll be the judge of that.

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Earlier this week, British marque Jaguar Land Rover announced a completely new strategy in which it committed to making Jaguar an all-electric luxury brand. It also announced that Land Rover will get six new electric models to be sold alongside its current lineup.

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Published February 17, 2021 — 11:06 UTC