This tiny mint box is actually a gaming console packing a Raspberry Pi

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Watch out, Nintendo: Raspberry Pi enthusiasts are building their own gaming consoles and this latest one is actually pretty awesome.

Using a Raspberry Pi computer and an Altoids mint box, recreational inventor and YouTuber Sudomod has designed a fully-functioning gaming device that actually fits in your pocket.

As the creator explains in a new blog post, the DIY handheld console builds on his earlier mintyPi project that aimed to cram a gaming console into a tiny tin box. Unlike the first version, however, the new device uses 3D-printed parts to improve the overall design.

You can watch the quirky gadget in action in the video below:

Much like a regular handheld gaming console, the mintyPi 2.0 comes with an integrated display and a simple controller with a few buttons.

To give you some more context, the unusual device also features a 3D-printed hinge to hold the screen open while playing as well as a USB sound card for sharper sound.

What is particularly nifty is that the mintyPi also packs the recently introduced Pi Zero W that brings wireless connectivity for effortless updates and custom configurations.

Sudomod plans to release a detailed guide on how to build your own mint box handheld console like the mintyPi. Follow his blog here for more Raspberry Pi-inspired tech projects.

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This post was originally published in April 2017.

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