Pokémon-hating pastor gets autotuned and it’s the very best

Pokémon-hating pastor gets autotuned and it’s the very best

You might remember that when Pokemon first became popular, some ‘religious ‘zealots’ people went out of their way to make sure everyone knew the franchise was the work of the devil. Have you ever wonderered what would happen if one of those people were autotuned?

No? Well, here you go anyway.

Schmoyoho, the YouTube troupe known for autotuning the news and creating classics like the Double Rainbow and Bed Intruder songs, decided to tackle a retro video this time around. In it, we learn how trying to be the very best means basically means you’re channeling Satan and God will permaban you from heaven.

Look, I’m not saying there’s nothing questionable about a game where prepubescent kids roam the world meeting strangers and training weird animal-ish creatures to get better at fighting eachother, but I’m not sure it has a bearing on a person’s potential quality of afterlife.

In case you’re wondering what the sermon is like without autotune, we assure you it’s equally ridiculous – just less catchy.

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