Barbot is a robot cocktail mixer you won’t have to tip like a bartender

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Cocktails are cool – minus the unreasonably high prices, the flashy bartending shenanigans and the expectation to tip the person that whipped it. But thanks to the wonders of microcomputing, there is now a robot that can do the same – and you won’t even have to talk to it.

Barbot is a fully-automated cocktail mixing system that lets you effortlessly prepare cocktails without any of the hassle. In fact, all you need to do to order a cocktail is load up the app (available for both iOS and Android) and select your cocktail of choice. The Barbot will handle the rest.

What is particularly cool is that once you open the app, you have the option to add or remove ingredients based on your own preference.

The DIY system runs on Arduino Mega 2560 and Genuino Mega 2560 boards – though be warned that you’ll need a bunch more parts to recreate the quirky contraption.

Check out the Barbot in action in the videos below:

The best thing is that you can build your own. The creator of the Barbot, Lukas Šidlauskas, has open-sourced the code on GitHub, where you can peruse it in more detail.

He has also uploaded preparatory guidelines on, outlining what you’ll need to put together one of these for yourself. So in case you have the time, skill and resources to build it, you can have the Barbot in your house tomorrow. Aw, and if you’re struggling, you can ask the Barbot Slack chat for help.

That is, of course, unless cocktails are more about complaining to the bartender for you. In which case, you should at least remember to tip: Nobody with a mind of their own should be forced to listen to your crap for free.

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