This site helps you avoid peak season to book the cheapest vacation

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Whenever someone asks me when the best time to visit Amsterdam is, my first suggestion is anything but mid-September and late April. There is a good reason for that: Those tend to be peak days – and this means costlier vacations. So it makes sense to avoid them; and this is precisely what helps you do. is a stylishly designed website that helps you identify the most suitable days for affordable vacations. To accomplish this, it sources hotel room price data and displays it in easily digestible visuals so you can quickly find the cheapest dates to visit a place.

In addition to the median hotel price for the day, the handy tool also pulls up hotel availability data as well as weather forecasts. It also shows information about events taking place around your desired destination during the period you’ve selected.

Still, the website is not perfect yet. For one, it’s still in beta so you can expect some bugs here and there. Then there is the problem with its limited catalog of cities – though the creator of promises to keep updating the full list on a regular basis.

Those wondering what the Expedia logo at the top right corner is about: Chances are OffPeak has arranged an affiliate agreement with the travel agency to earn some extra cash on the side. Needless to say, you can always snub Expedia and book with another travel agency or service.

Meanwhile, in case you need more tips on how to scoop affordable flight fares: Don’t forget to check out this digital nomad guide.

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