Maybe drones and sports don’t mix after all

Maybe drones and sports don’t mix after all

Drone photography as an industry owed a lot to action sports photography. From mountain biking at Whistler to carving fresh powder in Aspen, drones capture footage hand-held cameras could never deliver.

But as this biker would tell you, perhaps drone photography and sports aren’t as symbiotic as we all thought.

We have few specifics on the race, its location, or the riders condition, but the video itself shows a drone crashing into a tree moments before getting tangled in a cyclist’s front spoke. After slowing to see if the tangle frees, the wheel locks, sending the man head-first over the handle bars.

It’s a lot like that time a woman nearly shot a drone out of the air for peeping, only with more broken collarbones and a foggier Obamacare situation to cover the costs.

Maybe we can get these eagles to work the next event.

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Drones over crits dont mix... (Crash) on Kaito C. | YouTube

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