Those adorable kids from the BBC interview might soon get an animated TV series

You probably remember one of the most precious moments of the year so far from last month, when Professor Robert Kelly was live on air with the BBC talking about South Korea and was interrupted in the cutest way possible by his two children. Here, let me refresh your memory:

The clip – which I’ve watched about a hundred times by now – inspired Jarryd Mandy and his partner Lauren Martin to create a cartoon, starring little Mina and Jack (based on Kelly’s children Marion and James) as clever little detectives who follow their father around the world on missions for the UN and solve crimes. Hit the play button at the top of this page to watch the pilot episode.

Mandy and Martin hope to create a full animated series if they can score funding for the project; they already have Kelly’s blessing. With an adorable backstory and a smart idea about exposing viewers to different cultures, it sounds like the show already has some of the necessary ingredients to make it a winner.

BBC interview kids cartoon creator 'thrilled' at response on BBC

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