This Skittles sorting machine solves the ultimate first world problem

Tropical Skittles are my jam. Well, except the yellow ones; fuck you Banana Berry.

Willem Pennings, a Dutch inventor, feels my pain. After seeing a color-sorting machine years back, Pennings decided to create his own and use it for the ultimate good: to sort shitty Skittles flavors so we don’t have to eat them.

Pro tip: it also works for M&M’s. But Mars has already confirmed that color doesn’t impact taste (it’s literally just food coloring) so maybe you should get over yourself.

Over a five month period, the mechanical engineering student dropped nearly €500 ($537) to create 2017’s version of the steam engine. The machine uses an RGB sensor to recognize colors and sort the candy. Once identified, a wheel rounds them out into separate bowls. Currently, it sorts about two candies per second, or about two to three minutes for a family size bag.

It’s not fast, but some things are worth waiting for.

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