Did staffers photoshop Trump’s small hands in this photo? [Update: Nope]

Did staffers photoshop Trump’s small hands in this photo? [Update: Nope]

Update (because everyone likes a conclusive answer): Evidence suggests the image shared during the ABC broadcast was not modified from the original stock photo. The original tweet from Dana has since been removed and replaced with an apology, which seems to put this conversation to rest.

Keen eyes and photographs are often all it takes to spell scandal. Granted, this is the sort of scandal that’s more laughable than impeachable, but the keen eye of Dana Schwartz, Arts and Culture writer for the New York Observer seems to have spotted a discrepancy in two Donald Trump pictures — maybe.


The first image, left (and seemingly-altered), is hanging in the White House, as shown on ABC last night. The second image, right, is the original from Getty Images. When overlaid in GIF form, it seems some Trump staffer took the liberty (or was ordered to) make Trump’s hand appear larger.

Others tried to play detective as well.



These Twitter users were quick to point out that the original doesn’t actually appear to be an original, as the one shown on ABC  seems to better match the comparisons of those on the un-altered side.

For you, this means Trump’s small hands prevail, and Photoshop wasn’t the tool used to bring down democracy.

Remember when we argued over simpler things, like the color of a dress?

So, what do you think? Is the President photoshopping his hands to make them appear bigger?

Dana Schwartz on Twitter

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