This Amazon hack turns you into a real-life Harry Potter

This Amazon hack turns you into a real-life Harry Potter

In a world of muggles, we all want to be wizards. In anticipation of the upcoming Harry Potter prequel, Amazon has a few magic tricks up its sleeve. Through a couple of simple search bar hacks, you can now wave your wand and say (type) the magic words and experience life as Harry Potter — or Hermione, maybe; but definitely not Ron.

To use any of the spells, simply type the bolded word into your search bar — wand waving optional.

First we have Aguamenti, which floods your screen with water:


If you’d like to watch the world burn (or at least Amazon’s home page), try Incendio.


There’s Lumos if you’re looking for a guiding light.


Or Reducto if you’re experiencing a case of the Monday’s.


Finally, there’s Orchidheous, a spell that turns the homepage into a sneeze-worthy pollen factory.


If you were expecting a spell for condoms and toilet paper, maybe you should try a programmable Dash button. It’s equally magical, but far more practical.

Reducto! Cast these five Harry Potter spells on Amazon on Cnet

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