This awesome WordArt generator is a design blast from the past


If you’ve spent a few living minutes in the 90s, you know how important WordArt was during that time.

As a teenager, for me it was pretty much the only way to make a document look cool. By clicking a few buttons, my assignment looked at least 70 percent cooler than my classmates’.

Make WordArt is a creation by designer Mike McMillan that brings the fun back into designing documents. Gone are the minimalist shapes and copious amounts of whitespace, instead, have some green marble pattern.

The tool consists of a Windows 95-inspired interface that allows you to fill a canvas with text. After you’re done, the final design is available for download or to put on a mug.

It’s hard to choose between the various ugly options you have for your text, but my favorite is ‘rainbow with shadow’, a true WordArt staple.

Try your hand at the retro typography tool and make sure to share your creations in the comments.


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