This connected coconut is looking to replace your Chromecast


Any Apple TV or Chromecast owner will tell you about the awesomeness that is streaming content directly to your screen. It’s slick, it’s intuitive and it’s easy. But, alas, it’s also bland.

Sure, Apple TV is slick looking and Chromecast is small enough to hide behind strategically placed devices, but maybe you want your machine to ooze a sense of style. Or at least a sense of the Caribbean… Your wish has just been granted.

Thanks to Multicoco you’ll soon be able to spice up your boring TV setup with something a bit more, well, tropical. Inside this hairy brown sphere lies a TV streaming device. Although this may very well be the weirdest tech product I’ve come across, this connected coconut is also pretty damn cool.


The coconuts are brought in from the Caribbean coast, where they’re hand-picked to make sure only the most beautiful ones end up in your living room. They’re then fitted with a small circuit board running Android TV, and some holes are drilled to add a HDMI port and two USB 2.0 ports. The device obviously also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

It’s unclear what makes Multicoco better than its mainstream plastic competitors, except for the fact that it’s a freaking coconut. To quote the creators:

Can you imagine telling your friends about the coconut you plug into your TV?

No, I can’t — and that might just be enough for this quirky idea to work.

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