Watch this awfully clumsy drone change a light bulb – as it breaks 10 more

How many drones does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is one drone and a bunch of shattered bulbs – but it’s sort of fun.

In an amusing new video, YouTuber Marek Baczynski sets out to change a light bulb, but instead of his hands – he uses his Syma X5C drone.

As you could guess, the operation didn’t exactly go as planned. While taking the bulb off was relatively easy, putting it back up proved to be a bit of a hassle.

drone, change a light bulb,

drone, change a light bulb,

Eventually, Baczynski managed to get a firm grip on the bulb and fit it right into the socket – the rest was a piece of cake.

drone, change a light bulb,

Check out the full clip in the video section above to see how Baczynski finally succeeds in replacing the light bulb.

drone, change a light bulb,

People have been getting creative with their drones recently. We’ve seen a popular YouTuber use a drone to give a friend of his a haircut as well as a 1,000 watt LED-powered octocopter that could light up your entire neighborhood.

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