Absent-minded photographer captures expensive gaffe on GoPro

Absent-minded photographer captures expensive gaffe on GoPro

Some videos just hurt to watch. Watching an expensive camera slide off the roof of a car, definitely falls into this category.

Luckily for us, there’s a backstory.

According to a Reddit post, a group of friends were enjoying a road trip to Vermont. On the way back, the lads made a quick pit stop at the golden arches for nutritious sustenance. After stuffing their faces with all varieties of value menu faire, they decided to pose for a photo using a ‘$1,000 camera’ belonging to one of their dads.

Upon returning home, the original poster attempted to retrieve the group photo before finding himself in that ‘we’ve all been there’ moment of panic after realizing he was missing the camera.

Some GoPro footage of what we can only assume was a really lit group rendition of ‘Life is a Highway’ later cleared up the mystery of the missing camera. Sorry guys.

via Reddit

Expensive Camera Flies off Car Roof on YouTube

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