This 8-bit Stranger Things short is everything fans could wish for

If you’re into Netflix, horror or 80’s-inspired TV shows, you’ve probably caught up on the recent hit series Stranger Things.

Its scary plot and retro aesthetics have already inspired tons of fan content, but now YouTube channel CineFix has created a well-made remake of the popular Netflix original.

The short movie roughly follows the story of the original, but changes things up by putting the characters in an 8-bit video game that echoes the time period the series is set in.

stranger things

The characters walk around different sets, talking to each other via text boxes and picking up items for their inventory — the creators really went the extra mile to make it look like a like something you could actually have played on a NES or Sega Genesis.

This is not the first time Stranger Things is turned into an 8-bit video game, as not long ago we came across this unofficial game that we loved. Hopefully we’ll keep seeing well-crafted fan art like this being created.

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