I can’t get enough of this unofficial Stranger Things game

I can’t get enough of this unofficial Stranger Things game
Credit: Infamous Quests

If you haven’t yet seen Netflix’s excellent new show, Stranger Things, I envy you. I watched the entire season in a single day and now wish I could turn back time to binge it afresh.

To pay tribute to the series, indie game developer Infamous Quests created a lovely little point-and-click adventure that puts you in the shoes of Chief Hopper as he searches the forest for the missing Will Byers.


Stranger Things game

The free title is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. You can talk to officers officers Powell and Callahan and Byers’ teacher, Mr. Clarke, as you take in the foreboding forest in all its 80s pixel-art glory.

The only problem with this game is it’s way too short. Of course, Infamous Quests says as much in the game’s description and the 15MB download should give you a clue as to how long it is – but I bet that by the time you finish this title you’ll be hankering for more.

The only responsible thing to do, for the sake of every Stranger Things fan, is to hound Netflix and Infamous Quests to make a full-length version of this little gem – email, tweets, bursts on their walkie talkies, whatever you can manage.

Stranger Things on Itch.io

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