Nic Cage ‘Rage Page’ is obviously meant for the certifiably insane

Nic Cage ‘Rage Page’ is obviously meant for the certifiably insane

If you’ve ever watched the Nic Cage freak-out montage, you’ll know exactly where the creators of the ‘Nic Cage Rage Page‘ are coming from. Perhaps the biggest over-actor in a generation, Cage is equal parts humorous and certifiable. His fan-made rage page takes elements of both.

For those wondering where they stack up, the rage page will rate your Cage rage (shit, I’m doing it again) on a scale from one to ‘Cage’ — which we can only assume means: “lock this person up and only release them from the asylum if there’s another ‘Ghost Rider’ movie.”


To see where you rate, you have to do a fair bit of screaming. I talked at a normal volume and got a paltry “1 out of Cage” on my first go-round. The second time, however, I threw caution the wind and screamed “Have You Ever Been Dragged to the Sidewalk and Beaten Until You PISSED BLOOOOOOD?” at the top of my lungs, only to score a “4 out of Cage.”

My dogs weren’t amused.

via A.V. Club

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