The trailer for I.T. makes everyone interested in tech look bad

There’s no shortage of tech-related movies coming out this summer, but there’s always room for more.

Pierce Brosnan plays Mike Regan, the CEO of a non-descript company. When he’s holding a presentation his computer freezes and the temp IT guy, Ed Porter, has to fix it.

Like everyone that has ever had parents or older friends, he then has to fix every problem the CEO faces — including the ones at his house.

This is where things get interesting: His home is like an ad for Twitter account @internetofshit. Everything is connected and also very hackable.

We’ve all been Porter before. I normally don’t have to help my boss with his problems, but I’ve reset more routers than I can remember for various people. However, this time the techie isn’t the good guy.

Series like Mr. Robot portray tech guys like superheroes, but not this time — Porter wrecks Regan’s life making IT guys look like evil geniuses.

Let’s hope our parents never see this movie.

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