People can’t get enough of Pokemon Go’s hot new professor

People can’t get enough of Pokemon Go’s hot new professor

In case you weren’t online for the past few days, the highly-anticipated Pokemon Go was finally released on the wild Web and people are already having a blast finding Pokemon in the weirdest places.

But before they even got there, many paused at the intro screen. Typically, starting a new Pokemon game meant meeting Professor Oak and getting a starter Pokemon from him. Not on Pokemon Go.

Meet Professor Willow.


Hot dayum.

He’s already been added to Know Your Meme. The Verge calls him a daddy. The internet just wants to know why they can’t also catch Bae Willow and add him to their Pokedex.

Also, the names Oak and Willow aren’t accidents: Pokemon professors from the core games are named after treesThe more you know. Unfortunately, we doubt anyone’s looking to get the attention of Professors Birch and Rowan though.

We’ve only been playing with Pokemon Go for about a week and Poke Daddy doesn’t make any other meaningful appearance except the beginning, so that’ll be your only chance to meet Professor Willow at this time. The game does send you to fun random places like the local police station and a church though. My game’s local gym is the nearby pizzeria, so it’s not all weird.

As the game continues rolling out to the rest of the world, we can only imagine the infinite memes pouring out to the Web. Keep it coming, y’all.

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