You can play Final Fantasy VII on Android now (legally)

You can play Final Fantasy VII on Android now (legally)

Whether Final Fantasy VII is the best title in the series is debatable, but there’s no doubt it’s the most popular. That’s why it’s a bit surprising it’s taken so long to arrive on Android.

Fret no more: you can now download Final Fantasy VII from the Google Play Store, no emulator required. The title first arrived on iOS in August of last year.

There are some advantages to the Android version over the traditional build. You can choose from a couple of different control layouts (using a virtual D-Pad or analog stick), and adjust the opacity of the on-screen controls.

If you’re the type to get annoyed by random encounters, you can just turn them off altogether. If you’re worried the lack of battles will hinder the leveling up process, a ‘Max Stats’ command lets you become “all-powerful” without needing to face a trillion enemies.

The game will cost you $16 bucks, and you’ll need at least 4 GB of free space to download it (the actual game files take up about 2 GB of storage). But best play the classic version one last time before the fancier remake arrives.

Via Android Central

Final Fantasy VII on Google Play Store

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