Seinfeld’s apartment is now the best classic DOOM map

Having run out of shows to binge on, I’m now rewatching the 90s sitcom masterpiece Seinfeld – all nine seasons. This time around, I noticed that the bedroom in Jerry’s iconic apartment rarely gets any screen time.

Sure, you could probably have a look around the place in VR. But if you wanna go old-school, why not explore Jerry’s apartment in a short round of DOOM?

Developer Doug Keener spent 100 hours painstakingly recreating the environment as a mod for the hit FPS from 1993. You can enter the apartment from the corridor, step into every room, and even bump into Jerry, Elaine, Kramer George and (surprise!) Newman!

You can check out the mod in action in the clip above, and try it for yourself by downloading the WAD file from here.

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