‘Surgeon Simulator’ update lets you virtually tear Donald Trump apart

‘Surgeon Simulator’ update lets you virtually tear Donald Trump apart

We’ve all got opinions about Donald Trump, but not all of us have the access to tell him to his face. If you’ve got some pent up aggression to let go of, may we suggest the latest update to ‘Surgeon Simulator’?

The new add-on brings a new ‘Inside Donald Trump’ segment which lets you operate on the Republican Presidential nominee. As the surgeon, the goal is to ultimately ensure he lives, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slice away with a virtual scalpel and rip his heart out for the hell out it.

surgeon trump

What will you find inside? Some Trump vodka, surely. You’ll also have the option of putting in a heart of stone or a heart of gold – maybe that latter will fix him.


Unfortunately, it does not look like you get to operate on his hand size. Creator Bossa Studios does promise lots of easter eggs, including a makeup kit just for special surgical occasions.

It’s a little disturbing, no doubt, but nothing super insane compared to other simulators we’ve seen. My personal favorite is still Christmas Shopper Simulator, where you can punch every holiday shopper in the mall to get the gifts you need.

You can get ‘Surgeon Simulator’ today on Steam for just $2.89 while it’s on sale until June 9. Make surgery great again.

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