This is what Pied Piper’s box on ‘Silicon Valley’ was actually based on

This is what Pied Piper’s box on ‘Silicon Valley’ was actually based on

HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ is a great show for many reasons: most importantly, it’s freakin’ hilarious – and its ability to satirize the tech industry while maintaining a high level of authenticity is truly commendable.

Spoiler warning before we move forward with this post: If you haven’t seen the second and third episodes of season 3, you might want to return to this afterward.

Anyway, the show keeps it real again tonight with “the box” – a new product by the Jack Barker-ran Pied Piper that has pivoted completely from what Richard originally envisioned with his technology. If this box seems familiar to some of you, it’s because it’s based on a real thing that’s already on the market.

‘Silicon Valley’ teamed up with data infrastructure solutions company SimpliVity to create a spin-off version of its OmniCube that can essentially fit enterprise data centers into a box. In a blog post, the SimpliVity team said the crew visited its headquarters in Massachusetts to learn more about what goes into the OmniBox to order to create a believable prop and realistic scripting.

Pied Piper's version vs. SimpliVity's
Pied Piper’s version vs. SimpliVity’s

The lower end model of the SimpliVity OmniCube, which holds four 400GB SSDs and eight 1TB HDDs, starts around $30,000 – so Action Jack wasn’t wrong when he said he was looking to make Pied Piper stocks profitable as quickly as possible.

Season 3 of ‘Silicon Valley’ is already off to a strong start – so keep up with the remaining episodes to see much of a documentary this show actually is.

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