IKEA’s meatball-cooking VR kitchen is peak virtual reality

Earlier in April, IKEA released a VR experience on Steam, because its marketing department was bored, or something like that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love IKEA, and it would be pretty cool if you could browse through selections of its catalog or decorate your own virtual home. I even would’ve been cool with this impossible furniture-building simulator.

Instead IKEA built a ‘virtual kitchen experience’ ‘that missed the best part of being a fancy Swedish kitchen: meatballs.

That grievous mistake has now been fixed, so you can go ahead and cook meatballs to your hearts content. And if you’re one of them vegetarian folk, IKEA even has veggie meatballs.

Of course, then you’ll just get more hungry with no actual meatballs. We don’t condone torturing customers as a marketing strategy.

But maybe I’m being too harsh. It’s pretty popular on Steam:

“10/10 – Did not have to build the game myself.”

“Forgot me allen key
ikea fix plz 9/10”

“I played this just to steal the pencils”

Perhaps this is truly what VR was made for.

A great wrong has been righted: you can now cook meatballs in Ikea's VR kitchen on The Verge

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