Chainsaw-wielding drone is the kind of horror Leatherface dreams of

Today I learned that when it comes to drones, don’t fuck with Finland.

Some Finnish farmers thought it’d be fun to attach a chainsaw to a drone and let it roam free. It’s the kind of nightmare that would make Leatherface proud if he got to messing around with new-age toys.

Watch as the farmers giggle and run away from the aircraft, nicknamed Killer Drone.


Cringe and sink into your seat as it beheads unsuspecting snowmen.


But ultimately, Killer Drone falls prey to no other than a couple of harmless balloons. It seems the farmers set the balloon up as a trap in case the drone flew too far in the snow conditions, but watching it caught then fall from the sky isn’t any less relieving.

Combine this with the real-life, terrifying ScarJo robot someone built yesterday and we’ve got a robot dystopian flick nobody asked for. Lesson learned: don’t piss off Finnish farmers.

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