Giphy’s new tool lets you bling out GIFs with stickers and text

Giphy’s new tool lets you bling out GIFs with stickers and text

When it comes to finding and making fun GIFs, there is no better place to start than Giphy. Have you ever wished you could tweak the gems you find though? Now you can.

Giphy has launched its very own GIF editor, making it easy to add special effects and stickers to its ever-growing collection.

Make your own GIF masterpiece with Giphy’s new editor tool

All you have to do to get started is choose a GIF you’d like to edit – you can use a URL, one from Giphy or upload your own – and start thinking creatively. You can browse Giphy’s entire sticker catalogue and add as many as you like.

You could also start with a still picture and add moving stickers to make it a GIF.

Once you’ve chosen your stickers, you can resize and position them as you like, and add filters or captions to the GIF as well.

When the masterpiece is complete, just hit ‘Create GIF’ and you can save and share it wherever you like.

So if you’ve started nodding off today, Giphy’s new editor should provide you with more than enough entertainment for the afternoon. Enjoy!

Via Product Hunt

GIF Editor on Giphy

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