There are a whole lot of people looking for naughty Minecraft videos on Pornhub

There are a whole lot of people looking for naughty Minecraft videos on Pornhub
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Given Minecraft’s popularity, it’s probably not all that surprising that people out there are taking to one of the world’s largest porn sites to find themed videos, but the sheer amount of them may shock you.

In a a recent blog post, Pornhub has detailed that research, finding that searches for Minecraft-related erotica grew more than 326% since January 2014, with 104% of that growth happening in 2015 alone.

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The company’s research also found that the majority of these searches occurred directly after other game-related searches, like Halo, Clash of Clans and Call of Duty.

Credit: Pornhub

The age of those looking for Minecraft-themed videos was between 18-24 years old, at 80%, and more than 85% of them were male.

Pornhub also found spikes in searches that correlate with other data, like when a fake copy of Minecraft was in the news for distributing malware — searches were up more than 291% in that day alone.

In case you were wondering if, perhaps, those people were just confused about the difference between Google and Pornhub, the company says the results can be more attributed to “the type of videos people want to see” rather than those that already exist.

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