UK theme park announces world’s first VR roller coaster

UK theme park Alton Towers has just released details of its newest attraction – a VR roller coaster.

Galactica is a new take on the theme park’s existing ride Air, which has been created by virtual reality specialists Figment Productions and is designed to take you on a journey through space.

You’ll need to strap on a Samsung Gear VR headset to enjoy the experience, which involves you being face down on the track for the three minute thrill ride.

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During the ride, you’ll play the part of a ‘Galactanaut’ for the space tourism company Galactica. The ride is the fictitious company’s first trip into space and sees you being launched into orbit, pushed through a warp tunnel and out to discover the galaxies at 3.5 Gs.

That’s about the same level of G-force as you’d feel on Disney’s Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster or what an astronaut feels during a launch.

The ride is divided into three trains, each holding 28 passengers at a time, and the total length is 840 meters. Its biggest drop will see you fall 66ft at a highest speed of 47mph.


As someone who has been known to get motion sickness from simulators, this leaves me a little concerned as to how I’d be feeling after the journey through space. But Alton Towers claims the shoulder straps on the seats keep you firmly in place, while each headset will be individually monitored to make sure the visuals are synchronized.

The ride is slated to open to the public in April, with no specific date just yet.

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