Say goodbye to words: The emoji keyboard is real

Sometimes words are just unnecessary, especially when there’s emoji to convey every emotion imaginable.

And while swiping through your phone’s keyboard to find the perfect one is fine, an attempt at making a life-size emoji keyboard just made things a little more interesting.


Impractical as it is, Tom Scott, a programmer and YouTuber from London, created the huge emoji keyboard from 14 individual keyboards and over 1,000 stickers.

Scott says he has accounted for every single emoji, even the ones that don’t work on our phones yet. He has also programmed his creation so that you can change the race of each emoji.

Scott admits this is probably the most ridiculous thing he’s ever built, but who knows? Maybe in a few years, we will be as unfazed by emoji keyboards as we are by QWERTY ones today.

No word on when Boris is putting in an order for TNW yet.

Real Life Emoji Keyboard [Tom Scott via Twitter]

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