Hold onto your butts for this intense Super Mario level

Hold onto your butts for this intense Super Mario level

Can you help if if we love the levels that are coming out of the community from Wii U game ‘Super Mario Maker’? Some creators make homages to other play styles, while others just go off the rails with a story, but there’s another community of gamers that are seizing on the opportunity.

Fans of ultra-hard brutal platforming games will be in awe of this level, called “Bomb Voyage.” 11,000 attempts were made to complete it, and it is full of so many insane, breathtaking moments that it might melt your face a little.

Youtuber and Twitch speed runner BananasaurusRex is a veritable gamer in his own right who completed a “Solo Eggplant Run” in the roguelike platforming game ‘Spelunky’ in 2013 — which is essentially the gaming equivalent of turning water into wine. He shared a video of Twitch gamer PangaeaPanga making the first clear of “Bomb Voyage.”

It’s madness, Full of split-second framerate moves that are as difficult as they are precise.

Bomb Voyage Social


It also involves brutal moves — like jettisoning your old buddy, Yoshi.

Bomb Voyage Yoshi

Check out the full run below:

Love this kind of thing? PangeaPanga is now beating some of the most “impossible” levels of ‘Mario Maker’ on his channel, so hurry on over there.


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