Adventure Time creator is tweeting drawings about VR and you could take part


Pendleton Ward, creator of the amazing and wonderful cartoon series ‘Adventure Time’ and instrumental figure in the coterie of artists changing the face of children’s entertainment, has been known to go off the rails on Twitter every once in a while.

So it’s not so surprising that yesterday, he made a silly decision.

First, he tweeted this rather epic drawing inspired by a video of a man turning his life into VR.

Then he decided to just keep drawing about it.

So, changing his name to “`+! VR INFORMER ¡+`” and creating a new Twitter icon, he started creating cartoons about that VR lifestyle.

Others are starting to join, too, to tweet their own drawings about VR. 

Including well-known former Nintendo character designer Ko Takeuchi.

So be a part of the magic, at least until Ward decides to pick up Quest Attack again.

Pendleton Ward (@buenothebear) [Twitter]

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