Mapped: Londoners swearing about the city’s transport strike

Mapped: Londoners swearing about the city’s transport strike

If you live in London, or indeed the UK, you’re likely to be hearing a lot of moaning over the next two days as the London Underground is out of action while workers go on strike.

The Tube is a way of life for Londoners and as of 6:30pm this evening, it’s going to sleep. People are seriously stressed and naturally, Twitter has become the place to vent using all sorts of colorful language.

And so you don’t miss out on the fun, Shoreditch-based creative agency Impero has created an interactive map of all the profanities.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 15.03.14

The map includes a ranking of the most-used swear words regarding the strike as well… For serious research purposes.

Best of luck to everyone heroically battling their way around London without the use of a transport network that almost nowhere else in the UK even has to begin with. Godspeed.

➤ Impero

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