The greatest tech references in hip hop

The greatest tech references in hip hop

This is one of my songs of the summer – Krept & Konan’s ‘Freak of the Week (feat. Jeremih)’:

The line “You last ten seconds, man, you’re a Snapchat…” got me thinking about the best tech references in hip hop.

It’s not a new topic by any means but rap music keeps moving forward and we’ve jumped from Biggie bigging up pagers and shouting out Sega to Skepta dropping bars about mobile OS multi-tasking (seriously).

With that in mind, I asked my colleagues and The Next Web’s Twitter followers for their favorite examples of tech name checks. Here they are with credit to the folk who flagged them up and explanations from Genius.


From this point on, the text and songs contain strong language, depictions of violence and a vicious flow.

Eminem says: Watch out for all the f*cking swearing…
Eminem says: Watch out for all the f*cking swearing…

Busta Rhymes gets Lloyd Banks spitting about the SNES

That’s why your bitch blowin’ on me like Nintendo games
― Busta Rhymes (Ft. Fabolous & Lloyd Banks) – Fall Back

Biggie’s classic Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis reference

Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis<br> When I was dead broke, man I couldn’t picture this
― The Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy

Nicki Minaj dismissing competitors like irritating Vine loops

Your time is ticking, you bitches will be around shorter than Vine vids
― Nicki Minaj (Ft. Meek Mill) – Big Daddy

Method Man is old school with his fax machine mind

I’m on point, like a fax machine you get the message
― Method Man (Ft. RZA & Y-Kim) – What the Blood Clot!?!

Going even more old school with LL Cool J

― LL Cool J – 1-900-LL Cool J

Eminem’s idea of mobile computing is predictably extreme

But for me to rap like a computer must be in my genes<br> I got a laptop in my back pocket
― Eminem – Rap God

And Busta and Em have their say about ‘internet bloggers’, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter…

A recommendation from my colleague Ben Woods

Screenshot 2015-07-30 11.18.03
Actually in TNW’s work chat…

See how they Twitter, Facebook and Instagramming a email<br> Talking,
― Busta Rhymes (Ft. Eminem) – Calm Down

And here’s Skepta representing London and…um…iOS

@matt_hussey is not from the 'ends'
@matt_hussey is not from the ‘ends’

I just double tap<br> Switch apps, ain’t nobody got time for that
― Skepta – Back Then

Last one – for now – Kanye still bigging up BlackBerry

Damn your lips very soft<br>As I turn my Blackberry off<br>And I turn your bathwater on<br>And you turn off your iPhone
― Kanye West (Ft. Assassin & Justin Vernon) – I’m In It

Jessica Jones knows how to nail a mic drop
Jessica Jones knows how to nail a mic drop

Update, August 3, 2015: 

Bugzy Malone is all about that Twitter verified status

That’s no secret, everybody on Twitter knows that<br>When will I get a blue tick?
― Bugzy Malone – Ready To Blow

…while Das Racist wonder if they’ll get Twitter obituaries


Tweet about it ― Das Racist (Ft. Anand Wilder) – Middle Of The Cake

See also references in this one to Rap Genius, Google and Urban Dictionary. 

Meanwhile Jay Z was still talking pagers in 2000

I’m too cold, Motorola, two way page me, c’mon
― Jay Z (Ft. Juice & Pharrell Williams) – I Just Wanna Love U (Give it 2 Me)

I’m going to keep updating this list – it’s obviously not designed to be comprehensive, though – so send me your favorite hip hop tech references either via the comments or on Twitter to @TheNextWeb or @brokenbottleboy.

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