13 historical Lolcats you can watch on YouTube (with shareable GIFs!)

Ever since AP and Movietone dropped a 500,000+ historical videos on YouTube, I’ve been trawling through finding interesting things to share.

My finds have included one of the world’s first synthesizers, how Britain responded to ‘Star Wars’ and a really curious dog training machine.

Now, here is the real treasure trove I’ve uncovered in my exploration of the archive: The best of the old school cat videos that are hidden inside it.

1. Kittens and puppies, pals together

Cat plus puppy equals adorable fighting
Cat plus puppy equals adorable fighting

“In America, a cat is very patient with a group of puppies…” See the video at the top of this post.

2. Britain’s best cats

“The National Cat Club’s Championships at Olympia, attracted nearly a thousand cats and half as many owners. Seal-pointed – blue-pointed, long and short haired all colours and every variety. The judges had quite a job sorting out the winners…”

Stacking cats, because…um…not sure actually.
Stacking cats, because…um…not sure actually.

3. Cats with their own luxury home

“SCENES: GV Mr. & Mrs. CANDLER & baby son Ross hand cat over to 2 kennel maids…”

One seriously cool cat owner…
One seriously cool cat owner…

4. Cat…dog…bird

“Just take a look at this family of pets, owned by a lady in Berlin – surely, they’re the most unlikely lot of friends.”

Cat's one good DJ
Cat’s one good DJ

5. The Belgian cat festival

“Ypres, in Belgium, have been holding their annual Cat Festival. It all started in the 14th century, when it was believed that cats were supernatural beings.” Warning: This is quite terrifying.

The horrifying Dr. Catz
The horrifying Dr. Catz

6. Cats with their own flats (aka apartments, American readers)

“Every cat its own flat. That’s the idea at this home for strays near Cambridge. Must be a surprise for a homeless cat to get such a splendid welcome, and in no time at all, every inmate is quite at home on this newly developed estate.”

Home sweet cat home
Home sweet cat home

7. Cats auditioning for the theatre

“Cats are being auditioned at London’s Apollo Theatre, for a star part in a new comedy.”

It's a hard life for a cat in show business…
It’s a hard life for a cat in show business…

8. Siamese meets mirror, cuteness occurs

“Shot of a vase with three kittens in same. Shot of Siamese cats. Pan shot of Persians. Shot of a small Siamese looking into a mirror.”

“You look familiar…”

9. Cat boxing match

“General views of a stunt cat fight at Atlantic City.”

Cat boxing is *just* mean
Cat boxing is *just* mean

10. Acrobatic cats

“In France – five white cats trained by Monsieur Albertus, can achieve the most extraordinary acrobatic numbers. This attraction is the only one in the world to be achieved entirely by cats alone.”

Cat: "This is *humiliating*…"
Cat: “This is *humiliating*…”

11. Aristo-cats

“Champion cats of all breeds exhibited at Paddington.”

Old school aristo-cats…
Old school aristo-cats…

12. Van cats dig swimming

“Buckinghamshire, where a family of pretty unusual cats live. They’re a rare breed from Turkey called Van cats. A Van cat loves to swim, and when fully grown they’re completely at home in water as out. Though they soon may be recognised as a pedigree breed over here, they won’t touch mice.”

People used to say "paddling pussies!" without childishly giggling
People used to say “paddling pussies!” without childishly giggling

13. Pussies galore: Cats takeover Rome

“The cat population in Rome is assuming alarming proportions. Soon, the city will have more cats than humans.”

Cats took over the Colliseum
Cats took over the Colliseum

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