Guy beating Super Mario World in 23 minutes while blindfolded is legit beast mode

The sound effects for Super Mario games are some of the most iconic in the history of gaming – but it’s more than just a retro alternative for ringtones. For one devoted gamer, sound is all he needed to beat “Super Mario World” in just 23 minutes – blindfolded.

YouTuber PangaeaPanga yesterday uploaded a video of himself completing the game without ever looking at the screen. Since the music is rather repetitive, you can see how most of his actions rely mostly on sound and timing. According to the video description, he started practicing blindfolded on June 16, and began full runs on June 20.


Some of us at TNW are skeptical, naturally. We want to believe it’s real and PangaeaPanga gets the credit he deserves, but the internet has done us wrong before. Though to be fair, you do see him die in the game several times, so we’re erring on impressed.

For more of what PangaeaPanga does next, you can follow him on Twitch.

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