Asian chat app Line now has its own ‘theme park,’ and it’s going global

Asian chat app Line now has its own ‘theme park,’ and it’s going global

Line wants to be more than just a messaging app.

No, we’re not talking about games — which accounted for an impressive 60 percent of the $120 million it made in the last quarter of 2013 — Line now has its first ‘theme park’. The temporary show opened in Taiwan last month and will run until April 27.

Don’t expect roller coasters and big dippers though, this is more like an exhibition — it includes statues of characters, a model town, artwork and other photogenic props that get smartphone cameras flashing. Essentially, it’s a large scale version of Line’s Pop Up stores which have opened in a few countries in Asia.

An idea like this might be ridiculous in Europe or the US, but in Asia it isn’t exactly uncommon. Line is focused on building a household brand as Rovio has done with Angry Birds, and its physical store and exhibition efforts show how ambitious it is.

Line says it is planning similar initiatives “all over the world” — we know it is already big in Asia and is targeting Latin America, but let’s see if the theme park plans include Europe and the US.

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