Efficiency: Watch frames from 121 episodes of Lost condensed into a 6 second Vine

Efficiency: Watch frames from 121 episodes of Lost condensed into a 6 second Vine

Now this is cool. Vine user ‘Papa C Los’ posted a video that compiles a single frame from each of the 121 episodes of Lost on the Twitter-owned service.

I can’t imagine how long that took to do — here are the impressive six seconds of creativity that it produced.

Now, if you ask me, this is why Vine ‘wins’ the mobile video race.

Six-seconds is a more challenging medium for creativity than Instagram’s 15-second videos; while the demographic of each service is different too. From my own personal experience, Vine tends to resonate better with the Twitter crowd — which is not surprising given the links — to the point that friends of mine who don’t tweet haven’t heard of it…yet.

From what I see, Instagram videos tend to be more for people wanting to show something off, rather than display creativity. For example, here’s my new flat or something-else-that-I-could-just-upload-to-YouTube. With 130 million monthly users, Instagram is clearly a hugely appealing platform for many — but I’m still to see the creativity?

Entertainment is key when it comes to watching clips on mobile, and Vine has me won over at this point.

That’s just my opinion and experience, of course — sound off in the comments section if you disagree.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject, it’s time to stop comparing Instagram and Vine using Twitter.

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