Kissing online: Google and Burberry let you send a personalized smooch to a loved one

Kissing online: Google and Burberry let you send a personalized smooch to a loved one

Kissing someone across the globe has never been more real. With Burberry and Google’s newly-launched sweet little idea to spread some love across the globe in a more personalized way, you get your own kiss imprint to send on to your loved ones (say goodbye to generic images of a kiss!).

All you have to do is visit Burberry Kisses and pucker up in front of your webcam. Using a “unique kiss-detection technology”, the outline of your lips gets imprinted. It may feel strange kissing the air, so feel free to do this on your touch screen mobile or tablet – you can actually kiss your screen and the outline will be captured from there.

After you’ve done all that kissing, write a short message and send it on via email or Google+. The envelope containing your message then flies across to the receiver’s destination across a 3D landscape.

Those with a penchant for public displays of affection can share it on social media platforms including Google+, Facebook or Twitter. All kisses that have been shared also get placed on a real-time interactive map, but the site allows you to keep your kiss private if you want.

Of course, this isn’t only for lovers – but for friends and family far away from you as well.

Watch the video of how you can send your kisses on to your loved ones here:

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