Wake up powernappers, the Ostrich Pillow just landed on Kickstarter

Wake up powernappers, the Ostrich Pillow just landed on Kickstarter

Back in January we stumbled across every power-napper’s best friend, the Ostrich Pillow. Created by Europe-based design duo Kawamura-Ganjavian, the all immersive head pillow is ideal for those seeking the comfort of a bed on the go but, frustratingly, it was just a prototype. A vision without wings, if you will.

That was then and now the Ostrich (Pillow) is taking its first steps to becoming fully fledged after Kawamura-Ganjavian launched a Kickstarter page for it.

The company is seeking a minimum of $70,000 and it has a full 29 days on the clock.

The pillow can be yours for $60 (plus $20 shipping to Canada, $15 rest of the world) although this level is limited to 300 people. For those wanting more, a $140 pledge will buy two, $325 gets five and backers can buy 10 for $620.

It’s really quite simple but if you’re still not sure of the benefits, the Kickstarter page has a few, including:

Did you know that a power naps of around 20 minutes increases productivity by more than 30%? Seeing as we all spend more and more time at work / in front of a computer screen or in transit, we thought why not create a device that helps you disconnect and dream for short periods of time. That’s how the OSTRICH PILLOW came to life.

I’m biased but I think this a super cool project and I fully intend to back it. You can check out the full details at the links below.

➤ Ostrich Pillow on Kickstarter | Studio Banana Things

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