This is what a debit card delivery from Simple looks like

This is what a debit card delivery from Simple looks like

Maybe you’ve heard about Simple, the banking startup that’s got Silicon Valley (and everyone else) begging for an invitation. The company has recently started rolling out invitations to those who have been on their wait list, yours truly included. Today I got my debit card, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that even their process for something as ubiquitous as sending a chunk of plastic is done differently.

What’s interesting is not only the pouch in which the card sits, but also the cardboard to which it’s attached. That blue portion, smartly covering the numbers (because you’re going to start seeing a lot of these pictures, and we don’t want another mess like this one), is a rubber band. There’s a perforation which will allow you to detach the bottom part of the card, and it includes a bit of cheeky text:

A single card in your pocket? That’s Simple’s goal. Well played, folks. My bank? It’s so much more classy than your bank.

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