Back to the Future: Build your own DeLorean time clock

Back to the Future: Build your own DeLorean time clock

We’re big fans of the movie Back to the Future at The Next Web. The idea of time travel being possible, and somewhat easy, using a Mr. Coffee and a DeLorean is just too cool for school.

Even if you don’t have your own DeLorean, it would be pretty neat to have one of those digital time clocks sitting around your house, and watch everyone who comes over light up when they recognize it from the movies. Until now, I don’t think that it was possible, but Adafruit has published a how-to of sorts on accomplishing this geeky feat:

Using stock parts required some design compromises. The date and time formats would be changed to fit these 4-digit displays (the film prop used back-painted glass fakes for the month display, with some segment changes being physically impossible, making a 100% match unattainable anyway…iPad wins there). Also took liberties with some LED colors and various spacings, but overall the piece is still highly recognizable.

Have a look for yourself, it’s pretty impressive:

I could never put something like this together in a million years, but if you want to give it a shot, head on over and grab all of the instructions and links to parts you can buy.

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