This site knows exactly what you’re doing, thanks to public Facebook and Foursquare data

This site knows exactly what you’re doing, thanks to public Facebook and Foursquare data

We post Facebook statuses about everything these days…at least I know that I do. Aggregating these statuses for any purpose can be fun, and someone took it to a whole new level by tattle tailing on those who are yapping about sensitive subjects.

A site called “We Know What You’re Doing“, created by Callum Haywood, aggregates public Facebook and Foursquare data based on the following:

– Who wants to get fired?
– Who’s hungover?
– Who’s taking drugs?
– Who’s got a new phone number?

Yep. Haywood calls this an “experiment” and is letting you know that you might be sharing things that are way too personal. Perhaps you should check out some of Facebook’s privacy controls after you give this baby a look:

The freaky part is that the app is matching check-ins to “homes” on foursquare with Google streetmap images:

The bottom of the page follows with:

…and we think you should stop.

Just in case you think this is an invasion of privacy, check out the disclaimer:

Disclaimer: All data is pulled directly from Facebook, it is not censored, and it is publicly accessible via the Graph API. I cannot be held responsible for any persons actions as a result of using this experiement.

If you see any posts on here that are yours and you want them removing, delete them from Facebook first, then they will stop appearing here (may take up to an hour), or contact me to block any posts by you from appearing.

So yeah, watch what you post publicly.

We Know What You’re Doing

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