Game on! Turn your real life LEGO creations into a digital game with BrainBricks

Game on! Turn your real life LEGO creations into a digital game with BrainBricks

Wrap your brain around this LEGO fans. Build a LEGO car, use some wireless bricks to do it, then see your own vehicle in action in a game.

Cool right?

The LEGO BrainBricks include tiny sensors, which enable the bricks to sense their configuration with one another and communicate it wirelessly to any mobile device.

This allows you to bring your actual LEGO creations to life within a digital gaming experience. So, the better you build the better they perform within the game.

LEGO® BrainBricks from Wonder Years on Vimeo.

The gentlemen behind this work are Bas van de Poel and Daan van Dam.

They say, “We are big time Lego fans, but we also love to play videogames. We combined these two passions and this resulted in BrainBricks. A merger between physical and digital play.”

We’re big LEGO fans here too and so this looks pretty awesome. The duo explained how it all works, “Each bump on the LEGO brick contains small contact points with the ability to identify to what it’s connected to. One of the bricks serves as a Bluetooth node which transfers this information wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled mobile device. Once the device receives the information about how each block is connected to its neighbor, the software constructs a full 3D model of the bricks.”

And the best news? “At this stage we are looking into ways of manufacturing the product-line,” they say.

BrainBricks is a LEGO CUUSOO project. This is where clever people can submit ideas that may end up as LEGO products. The community on site can then vote on and discuss ideas to let the little brick company know what they want to see next.

Roll on racing with all new creations in LEGO!

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