Busted: New tech from MIT can tell if your smile is fake

Busted: New tech from MIT can tell if your smile is fake

Lie no more, my friends, as new technology can tell if that grin on your face is more grimace than pure delight. Even more, the patterns that the algorithm has uncovered can be applied by individuals, meaning that anyone with a bit of training will be able to check to see if your smiles are sincere, or not.

And that’s why this tech is awesome, and scary. Integrate it into your store’s security cameras, and you can tell which people really think that their significant other looks good in that cardigan or tie. Or apply it to court, to make witnesses sweat more than they are. Taking it a step further, if we can gauge smiles, how long until other emotions and their physical signals are decoded?

Alright, enough of that sort of talk. MIT is talking about using the technology for a good cause: helping autistic children better interact with other kids. Peep the clip, just don’t smile:

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